Integrated Center for Research, Expertise and Technological Transfer in Food Industry (BioAliment-TehnIA)

The Research Center was established in 2001 under the name “Biotechnologies in the Food and Aquaculture Industry (BIAA)" within the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering, Department of Food Science and Engineering, Biotechnology and Aquaculture. This center was accredited at national level in 2001 and re-accredited in 2004, based on the Recognition Certificate No. 33 / CC-B of 11V-2004 issued by C.N.C.S.I.S.

The current organization has been operating since 2013, with the name of INTEGRATED CENTER OF RESEARCH, EXPERTISE AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFER IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY (BioAliment - TehnIA).

The RDI activities are carried out in the fundamental field of ENGINEERING SCIENCES, correlated to the field of intelligent specialization in BIOECONOMY, as follows:

  1. Promoting safe, affordable and nutritionally optimized food concept;
  2. Implementating biotechnological processes in the food industry;
  3. Food expertise, food quality control and food safety.

In the field of generating INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR, the Center's RDI activities focus on the priority areas:

  2. HEALTH.

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